30 Minute Custom Massage.....$30
60 Minute Custom Massage.....$60
90 Minute Custom Massage.....$90
60 Minute Hot Stone Massage.....$75
90 Minute Hot Stone Massage.....$105

Migraine Mender.....$60
30 Minute Reflexology.....$30
60 Minute Reflexology.....$60

2 Hour Integrated Bodywork.....$150

Cold Stone Scalp & Facial Massage.....$20
Mini Reflexology.....$20
Foot Treatment.....$15
25 Minutes of Quiet Time.....$15
Additional 15 Minutes.....$15

What is it?

Custom Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Migraine Mender

Each custom session combines elements of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, as well as Trigger Point and Acupressure techniques to meet your body's current needs. No two sessions are ever alike.

Heated basalt stones are used to warm and loosen the muscles, and when combined with Swedish or Deep Tissue work create a relaxing experience that allows for deeper muscle work.
Integrating elements of Kelly Lott's Migraine Miracle™ treatment that include facial, head, and neck pressure points, aromatherapy, and cold stone application. Ortho-Bionomy release techniques are also included to help realease tension in the head and neck. A follow-up appointment is often recommended within 72 hours when possible.



Integrated Bodywork

A treatment that is more than a hand or foot massage; it uses pressure points on the feet to address corresponding areas of the body.
A 75 minute session utilizing lotions, oils, and salves infused with CBD to benefit from its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

A 2 hour, head to toe service combining Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, Hot Stones, Acupressure, Reflexology, and Cannassage. Although this is a deeply relaxing service, it's main goal is to leave you refreshed and renewed, and as if a weight has been lifted.

Foot Treatment

Quiet Time

Exfoliate and rehydrate your rough, dry, tired feet with a foot scrub and hydrating mask.
Relax after your session under a weighted blanket, with noise canceling headphones, and light blocking eye mask.


As always, the Mental Health Professional Referral discount and the Military/First Responder discounts are available.